Hi guys and thanks for visiting my site.

As well as sharing my work and events here i’ll also be blogging and sharing my processes with the various projects i’m fortunate enough to be involved with.

As i write this, i’m about to set off in a few hours to Lahore in Pakistan to begin working with a group of young people yet unknown to me, with a view to creating a new youth-lead theatre company, developing adapted forms of agitprop theatre methods that allow this new company to engage creatively with this current phase of social evolution in their country’s development.

It’s exciting, it’s scary and of course, I hope it will be inspiring.

Based at the NCA (National College of Art), I will be sharing this journey with you all through my blog on this site and inviting your thoughts and inputs as the process develops over the two weeks of workshops.  We’re working towards an indoor performance on March 22nd in Lahore (venue tbc) and an outdoor performance on March 23rd at Minto Park, Lahore.

I look forward to staying in touch!




About Avaes Mohammad

poet, playwright, performer


  1. Hi Avaes … very impressive! I’ll definitely be following your journey.
    Love and support, Sandy

  2. fuad

    travel safe and successful!

  3. Avaes, that is fantastic news…surely this will be a great adventure!

    Congratulations…I wish a safe and bountiful journey.

    Best wishes! Mikkel

  4. Best of luck dude! I’ll be listening 🙂


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