Lahore Agitprop Theatre: Performance Pictures & Videos

Lahore Agitprop Theatre:  Street Theatre Photographs

Below are some wonderful pictures of the wonderful Lahore Agitprop Theatre Company performing on Pakistan Day, 23rd March 2012.  These were outdoor performances that took place at the Minaar-e-Pakistan and at the gate of the Lahore Fort.

The images have been taken by Raquif Ali Rana, Fatima Hussain and Zahra Hussain and can be clicked upon to make larger for your personal viewing pleasures.  As they say in Lahore…Enjoy!/Enjvaay! (same difference).

The T-shirts worn by the actors were kindly provided by the Karachi based, Daku T-Shirt Company.

Lahore Agitprop Theatre:  Rehearsal Photographs

Below are images of the Lahore Agitprop Theatre Company rehearsing our devised indoor theatre performance, entitled ‘The Pakistan Day Issue’.  The following images have been taken by Fatima Hussain and Zahra Hussain.

Lahore Agitprop Theatre:  Indoor Performance Video

The following video is an extract of the proscenium performance, devised by the Lahore Agitprop Theatre Company.  Called ‘The Pakistan Day Issue’, the story follows the increasing frustration of a newspaper editor at his team’s inability to present anything other than negative, depressing stories for the following day’s issue.  Being the eve of ‘Pakistan Day’, a significant nationalistic event, the pressure to find a suitably joyous front page story is mounting.

However, as each story of American drone strikes, acid attacks on women and general corruption come in, they’re also dealt with by having their human, personal costs demonstrated, which are often dismissed in mainstream media.  As such they’re considered and presented in this piece as silent ‘ghost stories’, making use of torches held by actors to create this effect.  Live singing of ‘alaaps’ were also used during the ‘ghost-story’ sequences to aid the narrative.  In the extract presented here, the ‘ghost story’ presented tells the simple story of an average young man who one night witnesses a drone strike’s unjustified killing, seeking then to arm himself and kill the drones without knowing they’re unmanned machines.

This performance, although intended for the indoor theatre space, was performed in the main courtyard of the National College of Arts for logistical reasons and was warmly received by students and members of the public.  Special thanks to DAKU, a clothing line based on idealism, freedom and justice, for providing the T-shirts worn by the company.

Thank you for sharing with us.


Lahore Agitprop Theatre:  Rehearsals Video

Friends, ladies and gents.  It’s with great pleasure that I share with you all the first video of the Lahore Agitprop Theatre Company.  This video shows an extract from one of our rehearsal days held at the National College of Arts, Lahore.  Over the following days i’ll also be posting videos of the performances themselves.  I hope you’ll enjoy watching them and I look forward to any comments and conversations.

Thank you.

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  1. AmmarZaidi

    This is awesome! Great stuff guys!

  2. tariq daad

    i m very happy to ur job. i m tariq daad from india actor and director

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