Of Another World


Jo stands underneath railway arches, expectantly. With a letter of promise from his long-time friend already settled here, he waits.  Though the longer Jo waits, the less able he is to step out on his own and so remains waiting.  

Trapped between a world too new ahead of him and trains escaping too fast overhead, we witness the immigrant’s gradual loss of self and the notion that perhaps some people just aren’t meant for some places. 

An exciting collaboration between award-winning poet & playwright Avaes Mohammad and the renowned Waxbaby Productions, this new theatrical production employs shadow puppetry, projection, as well as carved figures interacting with live acting, with poetic narrative delivered in verse. 


After opening to exciting previews in Bradford’s Theatre In The Mill, we look forward to touring across the UK in autumn 2014.  Dates to follow.


Written and performed by Avaes Mohammad

Directed by Caroline Astell-Burt and Kate James-Moore

Designed by Kate James-Moore

Live animation by Waxbaby Productions

Produced by Theatre in the Mill with Avaes Mohammad and Waxbaby Productions

Tickets:  £8 full/£6 concs (Student Tickets £3)

About Avaes Mohammad

poet, playwright, performer

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