The Shroud


The Shroud is a two-man, miniature epic about loss, time and the things that connect us. A father writes letters to his homesick son. A Kolkata potter shapes clay goddesses from the silt of the Ganges. A young man circles the funeral pyre.

Drawing on Hindu myth, memories and personal letters, The Shroud is composed as a series of interweaving dialogues between the poets and theatre-makers Siddhartha Bose and Avaes Mohammad. The ancient and the modern combine to create an inventive, quietly beautiful meditation on death, ritual, fathers and sons.



Creative team

Writer: Siddhartha Bose
Performers: Avaes Mohammad, Siddhartha Bose
Director: Russell Bender
Devised by Mohammad, Bose & Bender
Scenographer: Rajha Shakiry
Sound design: Ed Lewis
Producer: Tom Chivers


Rich Mix, The Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival, Arts Admin

Supported by Arts Council England


About Avaes Mohammad

poet, playwright, performer

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