Hurling Rubble At The Moon

Park Theatre and Red Ladder Theatre Company present the World Premiere of

Hurling Rubble at the Moon

by Avaes Mohammad

This side of town. The first years of the millennium and Skef’s dad is back. Reliving his glory days on the terraces, he stands shoulder to shoulder with his son for the first time as they give it to the Asians. For Skef this isn’t about reliving bygone glory but reclaiming all that’s fast being stolen by the new insidious scourge all around. But, committed to battling this enemy within, he’s in danger of soiling the very thing he’s fighting for by violating the very thing he loves.

It’s not about the Scousers, or the Geordies or even the Irish anymore. It’s not even about the Blacks or the Asians. It’s a new age with a new threat and you don’t even know it.

14th May – 6th June 2015, Park Theatre, Finsbury Park, London

Click here to book tickets.
Book to see companion piece Hurling Rubble At The Sun and save 50%.

About Avaes Mohammad

poet, playwright, performer

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