The haves the have nots

The haves but will not

The woulds but could not

The coulds but would not


The haves but think not

The thinks but ask not

The asks but know not

The knows but care not


The tongue that speaks lots

But voice that’s heard not

The tongue that’s heard lots

But speech that tells not


Apparent stand-offs

Between us and rest of

The world that thinks not

In terms that suit us


The lies we spread lots

Of foreign despots

That wish to kill us

So must be killed off


The heads that bow not

The hands that shake not

When holding sling-shots

When facing gun-shots


The view that’s changed not

From colonial plots

Civilising dark flocks

To get what they’ve got


The books that teach not

Each phrase a new knot

Claim cultures move not

And stand as fixed blocks


The books that flow past

Borders and won’t stop

Make ours who once were

People we knew not


A choice we’ve all got

Be held or hold off

Embrace what’s known not

Knowing we know not


Or claim we share not

And so we grow not

What’s different trust not

And let it be not


The haves the have nots

The haves but will not

The ones that call shots

The ones that get shot


That, is the only clash of civilisations I know.










Tale of entire entirety.


First there was God and God said ‘Be’

So there was

And it is

So it is,

But to who?

Did he speak to you?

Or me?

Neither and either

He spoke to we,


We were there,

Always have been

Always have seen

From the serene to the not so

And all that was in between,


We had foreseen the unseen,

Yet to share

But we were there,


In our root manifestation,

The primary creation,

The first that was

The last that will

And until this realisation won’t be fulfilled

This crazy ranter shall rant,



A humble magnificence

An unnoticed beauty

Self-assured silent bearer of eternal truths and original secrets,





And that mighty, thunderous discharge thrust out into newborn space, freeborn dust,

Filling and spilling as packets into pockets of space and time

Like a desert sandstorm,

For a while,

Then that initial rage and ferocity cooled and turned spectator, to marvel at the magic of creator,


A world from dust was about to be formed as swarms of these tiny, insignificant, ineloquent particles joined from their own inherent attraction and thus from dust, stars did form,

And hence planets




Tale of entire, entirety


Of the genesis,

This just the surface is

Upon which I’ll scratch on further,



The best of creation,

Powerful, capable, potential for greater things

For nobler things

To soar through skies with inspired wings,

To venture high and dare to bring destiny to his or her own whim,



The best of creation,

Powerful, capable, potential for greater things,


But gold nor silver brought forth this wonder,

“He created him of dust then said to him, “Be!” and he was”

And thus, with dust, our cycle completes

Unity found throughout, through in,

That from which the stars and planets were born, gave rise to human form

A system entwined, interlinked, that binds us all together on all levels



Within and without


No one therefore, greater than another,

No one life more worthy, more deserving no other.

One comment

  1. Haroon Choudhary

    You tried to say all what you thought
    I didn’t know you, but now I know lot
    Keep up the good work, still have lot
    People forget two yards, n talk about plot
    Those who kill innocents n think about paradise
    Be sure burning hell is their ultimate spot
    I have the right to disagree with you some
    Still I would like to thank you a lot.

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